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What is the Best Archery Finger Tab?

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The finger tab is one of the most important pieces of equipment in archery. It is your contact point to the string and will directly affect the way you shoot.

Going for the best archery finger tab not only provides an excellent feel but, will also last you a lifetime.

For instance, Brady Ellison, one of the most decorated recurve archers in the world, uses a finger tab that is as old as his career.

This is the reason why going for the best recurve finger tab and not settling for less is a worthy investment. In the end, you and your finger tab will grow together as you shoot.

That said, here are some of the best archery finger tabs available in the market at different price points.

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Best Finger Tab for Beginner Archers

Black Widow Tab (Super Leather) | $15

Black Widow Finger Tab

The Black Widow Tab is the best finger tab for beginners for two reasons. First, it is very cheap. Second, the tab has slits so you can easily hook the string comfortably.

This finger tab is as straightforward as it can be. It does not have any aluminum or metal plates. You get a leather plate with a strap and that is it.

However, it is a great finger tab if you are just starting out.

It lets you position your hand properly without the use of spacers. The fingers hook naturally too, because it doesn’t have a metal plate which can force your hand into the wrong position if you get the wrong shape/size.

Do not forget to checkout our hook and setup guide to fully understand the proper finger position.

Best Finger Tab for Intermediate Archers

Win & Win 360 Cordovan Finger Tab | $50

the best archery finger tab for beginner archers Win and Win 360 Cordovan Finger Tab

The Win & Win 360 Cordovan finger tab can be considered the best all-around finger tab. It works well for archers of different levels ranging from beginners to advanced and even Olympic archers.

The best feature of this finger tab is its minimal design, with a thin, small metal structure. It is straightforward with just an anchor shelf and finger spacer at the back as add-ons.

This finger tab is not bulky and easy to fit in the hand. The finger separator is just the right size and greatly helps in preventing pinching.

There are no other bells and whistles here but, it is better than other bulky finger tabs that force you into unnatural positions.

If you are going to get this tab, get a size that is bigger than your usual size since the overall sizing of the W&W 360 is smaller. The company made it this way to make it more universal.

Moreover, the cordovan leather used here is of good quality. However, the thickness may vary depending on the production batch that you get.

Runner-up | Fivics Tenfix Finger Tab | $105

The Fivics Tenfix Finger Tab is a high-end model that has multiple tools to help you with your anchor. It has a pinky finger spacer, an anchor shelf/thumb rest, and a pinky hook. All of these are adjustable depending on your configuration. However, most archers actually would be better off without these additions.

The shape of the base plate also points towards the wrist. It provides a wide contact point on the hand and also serves as an indicator if your wrist is curling while you hook.

The tab is made of premium cordovan leather. It is durable, pliable, and will last a really long time. In particular, the spacer is very good on this tab. Many archers take this spacer and use it on other tabs.

Despite its premium nature, the thing that is holding the Tenfix back is its price and complexity for beginners. This pushes it down to the runner-up position. If you have larger hands or already tried the Win and Win 360 tab without success, then this tab is a decent option.

The best finger tab will help you figure out the optimal anchor point. For more information, check out this video from our YouTube channel.

Best Finger Tab for Advanced Archers

Win & Win Wiawis EZ Finger Tab | $90

the best archery finger tab Win and Win EZ Finger Tab

Here is another entry from Win & Win. The EZ Finger Tab is a premium option that is more affordable than the Fivics Tenfix yet has the same features (and higher quality leather).

This finger tab has an anchor plate and finger spacer. The base plate is also adjustable for a more comfortable hooking position.

The tab is made of high-quality genuine cordovan leather as well. And one of the best things is there are readily available spare leathers so you can replace yours regularly.

Moreover, there is another version of this finger tab. The EZ R Finger Tab with Ring has a palm ring and a pinky hook. The rest is almost the same.

However, the regular EZ finger tab is the better buy. The Ring on the EZ R rarely helps unless your coach has a very specific reason why you need it.

This tab strikes the perfect balance between being solid and being adaptable to grind the metal down, use different spacers, fasteners, shelf attachments and leathers. So for many archers it’s a perfect base to create your ideal tab from.

Lastly, the sizes for this tab are a little bit larger than usual so I suggest that you opt for a smaller size.

Runner-up | Fairweather Archery Finger Tab | $85

Fairweather Archery Finger Tab

The Fairweather Archery Finger Tab is worth considering if you want an excellent finger tab with an accurate fit. It uses Kangaroo leather which is super soft. But if you shoot high poundages you may need to add extra layers, or some cordovan.

This finger tab is easy to break in. Shoot or do some archery drills with it for a few hours and it will follow the shape of your finger as you hook the string.

There are several sizes available too and their sizing guide is very helpful in getting an accurate fit.

However, there are downsides to the Fairweather compared to the EZ Finger tab.

It is not as modifiable as other standard tabs. So you do not get to mix and match the spacers or trim the metal to your preference. Even the strap is fixed. That being said, many top archers love this tab but the lack of adjustability and being able to mix and match components could be a deal breaker for some.

The plastic loop also takes some time to get used to especially if you used a finger strap previously. The spacers have no forward/backward adjustment as well. 

Now, if you don’t mind these points and the tab fits you great right out of the box, then the Fairweather finger tab will give you an excellent feel due to its Kangaroo leather and is a great choice.

The Bottomline

These are the best archery finger tabs available today. Surely, there are other options in the market. However, some of them lack in quality and features that the finger tabs on this list already have.

Finger tabs are crucial equipment and it is better to try as many as you can first, and purchase one with the guidance of a coach. This way, you get a finger tab that fits your hands properly and the features fit the type of archer you are.

Steve Wijler recently made a great video in our OAA Members Telegram community about how he breaks in his tab, and what he likes about the Fairweather tab. If you’d like to check it out you can subscribe and become a member.

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