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Best Recurve Sight

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Besides stabilizers and other attachments, Olympic recurve archery is different from other practices due to the usage of a sight. It is an attachment that provides a better aim for recurve archers.

A recurve sight is usually made of plastic, aluminum, or carbon. It has a vertical bar with a pin that is used to line up to the target for an accurate shot.

There are countless bow sights available in the market. However, not all of them are created equal.

Do not worry though, we are here to help you make the most of your budget. These are the best Olympic recurve sights at different price points.

Let’s get started.

If you’re new here you can learn about the basics of recurve archery in our Recurve Shot Cycle and Recurve Archery Basics guide. Then, you can learn How To Train for Archery and find specific archery drills and exercises in our Drills & Bow Training Library and Archery Exercises Library. You can also find loads of detailed videos on our Online Archery Academy YouTube Channel. And lastly, if you’re interested in private coaching you can read about our online recurve archery coaching.

Best Recurve Sight Under $30

Cartel Midas Junior II Sight best recurve sight under $30

Cartel Midas Junior II Target Sight | $24.99

The Cartel Midas Junior II Target recurve sight is a high-quality site intended for beginners to intermediate archers. It is affordable but provides the necessary adjustments when shooting.

This sight features an all-aluminum construction. It is lightweight yet more durable compared to the plastic entry-level sights.

Moreover, it has a 4-inch extension length and micro-adjust windage adjustment. It may not be as quick as top-level sights when it comes to adjustments but, it is more than enough for budding archers.

Lastly, purchase the Midas Junior II due to its build quality. It may not be as top-tier as other sights in this list but, it is better than going for a plastic sight.

Best Olympic Recurve Sight Under $60

Avalon Tec One Recurve Sight

Avalon Tec One Recurve Sight | $60

The Avalon Tec One Recurve Sight is a popular recurve archery sight with high-quality construction and an affordable price.

Technically, the Tec One is a little bit over the budget at $80. However, it drops down to $60 from time to time.

If you manage to get it at that price, then it is a hard-to-beat deal.

Ultimately, the Tec One features a full aluminum construction with multiple windage adjustment knobs. The extension is 9 inches with a unique hollow design. It also has a standard 8-32 sight thread like the other sights here. Overall it’s one of the best options for budget buyers.

Cartel Focus Carbon Sight

Always under $60 sight | Cartel Focus Carbon Sight | $50

The Cartel Focus Carbon Sight is one of the cheapest carbon sights available today. It has an excellent build quality and lightweight construction without breaking the bank.

There are multiple adjustments for windage and the extension is lengthy at six inches.

In addition to that, the carbon extension helps in reducing weight and vibration while shooting. It adds to the smooth “thump” you would hear making shooting more pleasurable.

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Best Olympic Recurve Archery Sight Under $150

Decut Sius Recurve Sight

Decut Sius RE Recurve Target Sight | $120

The Decut Sius RE Recurve target sight is part of our best intermediate recurve sights for a reason. It is a lightweight and compact intermediate bow sight that shares similar features with the Avalon Tec One, such as the large adjustment knobs.

It also features a fast travel button on the side of the windage block and a quick-release aperture for easy packing.

While the Decut Sius RE is a good-quality and reliable bow sight, it is more expensive than the Avalon Tec One. For some, the $50 price difference may already be significant enough to be used for a different sight pin or extra accessories.

Its $120 price tag brings it closer to the Shibuya Dual Click, which is a durable and lightweight Olympic recurve sight comparable to $400 sights.

The Decut Sius RE joins our list as a sub-$150 option. However, the next sight might be the better buy if you want to max out your $150 budget.

Shibuya Dual Click Sight

A little over $150: Shibuya Dual Click Recurve Sight | $160

The Shibuya Dual Click Recurve Sight is considered one of the best Olympic recurve sights on the market and is a top choice for elite archers.

Crafted with high-quality aluminum construction and a lightweight design, the Shibuya Dual Click Recurve Sight boasts a 5.7-inch vertical adjustment that can be easily modified by squeezing the lever.

Its windage can be adjusted using a hex wrench, and it has a knob for micro-adjustments on the up, down, or windage changes.

The Dual Click’s micro-adjustment feature is a valuable asset for you as it allows you to move your sight whenever needed.

Many archers tend not to adjust their sight enough when their group is off-center, leading to a vital point loss. With double the movement per click, the Dual Click helps address this issue, as the name suggests.

The sight pin on the Dual Click is 8-32 thread, which is the standard size for recurve sights, allowing for easy customization with different models as long as they have the same thread size.

The Shibuya Dual Click Recurve Sight may not have the locking mechanism found in the more expensive Shibuya Ultima, but it still boasts a micro-adjustment feature that provides similar advantages at a more reasonable price.

Retailing at $160 in major stores, this sight is an excellent investment for archers who value top-notch equipment.

Lastly, the Dual Click sight is easy to tune. If you do not know how, check out our recurve tuning guide.

Best Olympic Recurve Archery Sight Over $300

Shibuya Ultima RC Pro

Shibuya Ultima RC Pro | $460

The Shibuya Ultima RC Pro is one of the best (arguably the best) recurve bow sight with every feature you could ever dream of.

This sight has been radically redesigned with a carbon extension that redefines vibration elimination.

Its polygonal carbon extension utilizes a fishing pole taper shape that allows the Ultima RC Pro to eliminate the most unnecessary vibration during the shot. In simulations, this design produces 87% less initial vibration than other sights on the market.

The micro-adjustments for windage are precise and smooth to operate – a feature every archer should aim for.

Overall, the Shibuya Ultima RC Pro is the end goal for most archers. It is an impressive piece of equipment that offers archers a wide range of features to enhance their shooting experience.

But as mentioned earlier, not every archer needs a $400 recurve sight. For those who are on a budget, the Shibuya Dual Click will get you the same results at a lower cost, and some archers just prefer a more minimal option.

The Bottomline

To sum it up, selecting the best Olympic recurve archery sight is a crucial decision that is affected by a lot of factors such as skill level. But the most important factor is the price.

Hopefully, this blog helped you make an informed decision in getting the best bang for your buck recurve sight.

Lastly, do not forget to check out this video about setting up your Olympic recurve sight.

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