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Archery Drills - Follow Through Drill

Learning to balance and synchronise the follow through is an essential skill, and this drill demonstrates it well. You must also understand and know what a good follow through should look like. Read more in our Release & Follow Through guide.

Key Points

1. Imitate coming to full draw, just with your hands and arms. No band or bow.

2. Pretend to follow through with both hands. You can see this in the figure above.

3. As you follow through, move your draw hand and draw elbow backwards and around your body.

4. Synchronise this movement of the draw side with your bow hand pushing into the target and pointing down to the floor. Watch how both these movements are balanced and synchronised in the figure above.

5. Make sure your whole body remains still. If there is any movement when you do this drill it will be magnified when you actually shoot.


Try doing this drill in the mirror, as this will give you real time feedback on your follow through.

You can learn about how the follow through fits into the recurve shot on our page: The Recurve Shot Cycle.

archery drill for recurve release and follow through