Archery Exercises - Wrist Exercises

Key Points

1. For all the above exercises, try to keep the shoulders in a neutral position.

2. Always keep a smooth, slow motion through the exercise.

3. The above variations of wrist exercises all work slightly different muscles. It’s good to pick 3 or 4 and include them in a circuit at the end of your gym session.

4. Images: 1 – barbell wrist curls. 2 – behind back barbell wrist curls, 3 – dumbell wrist curls, 4 – dumbell reverse wrist curls, 5 – wrist radial/ulnar deviations, 6 – wrist dumbell supination/pronation.

recurve archer doing wrist curls with barbell

recurve archer doing behind back wrist curls with barbell

recurve archer doing dumbell wrist curls

recurve archer doing reverse wrist curls with dumbells

recurve archer doing wrist deviations with dumbells

recurve archer doing dumbell wrist rotations