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Hi All,

Welcome to this weeks quick tips email, as always, please do forward this message to any of your archery friends who might find it helpful.

🛠️ Equipment recommendation

When it comes to arrows, there are so many choices to make. You have to decide what shaft to shoot, what spine, what point, what point weight, what fletch and what nock!

Today I want to focus on the nock. Here’s my recommendation for nocks:

  • If you want the best nock, shoot the Beiter Over Nock. Unfortunately there aren’t any studies on this, but my opinion is that the extra length and flexibility of this nock makes your arrow more forgiving. The X10 is tapered at the back to absorb any inconsistencies in your release, and adding a Beiter Over Nock adds even more flexibility.
  • If you want a pin nock to protect your arrows. I’d recommend the Beiter Pin Nock first, or the Easton Pin as the alternative.
  • Why? The Easton Pin nocks are quite tricky to get the nock fit correct, and it can feel like you’re centre serving is too small or too big. Getting the perfect clip on is quite difficult and they can be harder to tune as a result.
  • Lastly, whatever nock you choose, number your arrows and check that they’re all grouping as they should. It’s very common to have an arrow that groups off centre because of a faulty nock, no matter what brand you choose and how consistent they are. They can get easily get bent, warped or squashed in transit or as you put them on to the arrow. So spend the time to check your arrow grouping before competing.

🏹 Technique tip