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Archery Exercises Library

An Introduction to Archery Fitness


Archery is a sport that’s all about a combination of fine motor control and strength, so doing specific exercises can definitely help you get better. Archery still requires proper training and exercise to reach the elite level. Our circuit and weight based exercises will have a great impact on your strength and archery. Although this website is mainly aimed at recurve olympic style archery, these exercises are also suitable for compound, longbow, barebow or hunting.

Poor archery form is most commonly a result of not learning the correct skill or not having the strength to do it. If you’re not strong enough, this will limit you first. When you are strong enough, you can learn the skill.

Weight based exercises in the gym will improve your overall strength, which can translate to your recurve shot. You will get the best results by combining exercising with regular archery training and Bow Training.

Exercises are definitely helpful to improve strength. However, they also improve co-ordination and body awareness. When done correctly, they can decrease the chance of injury. Lastly, stretching regularly is an important part of your general health and archery training. Stretching can help you remain injury free and keep a consistent shot feeling in day to day shooting.