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Hi All,

Welcome to this week’s ‘5 quick tips’ email. As always, feel free to forward this message to your archery friends.

🛠️ Equipment recommendation

This week I’d like to talk about string material. I’ll keep it simple, if you shoot a W&W or MK bow and limbs I’d suggest Brownell FF+ or BCY 652 if you can’t get the Brownell. BCY 8125 or 8190 won’t be as forgiving for W&W and MK limbs in particular.

If you shoot a Hoyt, either the Brownell FF+ or the BCY 8125/8190 works well. It’s more of a personal preference in this case.

As for deciding between BCY 8125 vs BCY 8190, I’d generally recommend most archers go for the 8125. Next week I’ll talk about the number of strands…