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Archery Drills - 7 Plus 2's

These 7 plus 2’s are a great testing tool. If you want to shoot at a high level, you should be able to do at least 8 reps. If you can do fewer than this, it is not impossible for you to shoot to a high level, but it will be much harder.

Bow training exercises like 7 plus 2’s are great to help you control your bow. However, you should combine these with general exercises you do in the gym. See our dedicated page: Recurve Archery Exercises.

Key Points

1. Come to full draw and hold for 7 seconds.

2. Take 1 second to come down to set-up and 1 second to come back to full draw. This is 1 rep.

3. Repeat.


Try putting these 7 plus 2’s at the end of a training session and see how many you can do. Aim to get to 8 reps to be able to really control your bow.

archery bow training drill 7 plus 2 exercise