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Archery Drills - Shot Trainer Shooting

Shot trainer shooting is an essential exercise for every archer. You can really improve the aggressiveness of your release and follow through by shooting with the shot trainer.

You should combine bow training and drills with general exercises you do in the gym. See our dedicated exercises page: Recurve Archery Exercises.

Key Points

1. Put the shot trainer on, so that if you release your fingers from the string, the shot trainer will catch the string.

2. Draw the bow with your fingers. Come to full draw and complete your whole shot. When you release the string the shot trainer will catch it.

3. Make sure that you maintain direction and movement when you release. If you don’t, the shot trainer will aggressively pull your draw elbow inwards and collapse your shoulders.


Combine these with other bow training exercises to make a bow training circuit that you do after a training session. Make sure that there is no pain around the shoulder joint when you do this exercise.

Get an experienced coach or archer to check the shot trainer length you are shooting with is correct.

recurve archer showing shot trainer shooting